The year 2001 was a milestone, as it was not only the year that Cogent was established, but also the year that the Singapore equity market transformed from a merit-based to a disclosure-based regime. As a boutique communications firm with a focus on Investor Relations (IR), Cogent has since then handled numerous Initial Public Offerings and helped many listed companies with their IR efforts to raise market awareness of their stock and trading volume, with the aim of achieving a fair market valuation at the end of the day.

To date, Cogent has served more than 100 clients, spanning industries such as aerospace, contract manufacturing, finance, consumer, transport engineering, chemicals, education, food, heavy engineering, precision engineering, real estate, telecommunications, waste management, fibre & textile, Infocomms, biomedical sciences, oil & gas, resources, retail, and trading.

By seeking to understand our client’s business, industry and unique circumstances, we are able to develop market-oriented communication strategies and programmes that help our clients to achieve their business and communication objectives.  We also counsel and advise the Boards and the management of these companies on their reputation enhancement and management.

Cogent has also carved a niche for itself in the area of Crisis Communications, especially for listed companies, whether the issues become compounded and often have a legal dimension.  Cogent has been notably involved in one of the largest corporate recoveries in Singapore, that of China Aviation Oil (S) Corp Ltd, and a host of many others.