The overall corporate image and reputation of any company is of course central to its business. Public Relations is therefore a vital component of the reputation and brand development of any company. As a custodian of our client’s corporate image and reputation, Cogent acts as management counsel and often the de facto PR department for message development, strategic media relations, publicity management and event management for its clients.

Cogent can also support a company’s own internal PR function by supporting and amplifying their efforts in the execution of various PR programmes and initiatives. We aim to establish meaningful two-way communications for a mutually beneficial relationship between our client and their stakeholders. This engagement often provides an external feedback loop that offers a fresh outside perspective to management that is useful.

Cogent helps our clients educate and inform their respective audiences by reinforcing their key messages in a sustained manner. The reach and thrust of PR thus serves as an avenue to build up a positive corporate image, air a company’s position on certain matters or to just clarify and tackle public issues as they arise.

Acting as strategic PR counsel, Cogent also serves as the sounding board for senior management and the Board of Directors to discuss and contemplate issues that impact the overall corporate image and reputation of the company.