Cogent works with Investment Bankers and Underwriters on a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) launch, looking after all IPO communications and preparing management for their investment roadshows and financial media interviews, for the purpose of building investor interest and broad market support for the IPO  

Post-IPO, Cogent plans and executes Investor Relations (IR) programmes for Post-IPO listed companies by proactively marketing them to the investment community on a regular basis as well as helping them comply with good corporate governance practices in communicating with their shareholders. The end objective for any IR programme is to help these listed companies achieve a fair market valuation and establish sustained investor interest, confidence and trust.

A comprehensive IR programme includes value-added services like positioning a company, assistance in the preparation of announcements, media engagement and publicity, the facilitation of shareholder enquiries and shareholder meetings, the development of IR materials and organising of marketing roadshows, site visits and meetings with various fund managers, analysts, dealers and high net-worth individuals.

Aside from executing IR programmes, Cogent provides counsel to senior management and the Board of Directors as part of the overall decision making especially in areas that impact shareholders and potential investors. Cogent seeks to align a communications strategy with management's business strategy and objectives to allow your company's stakeholders to understand your business decisions and performance better.