Companies sometimes need funds for their business expansion and growth, but when it comes to marketing their business and management to investors, and Asian investors in particular, they are unsure of how to proceed.

With a business plan for a great product or service, the next step for these companies will be to connect and convince investors to invest their money with them. Given our experience, Cogent is able to identify potential investors and present a company’s investment thesis in a manner that is both understandable and agreeable to investors so that they can truly appreciate the value of the company, their investment returns, as well as the management’s intention, objectives and long-term goals.

Cogent, with our wide business network of individual investors and fund managers, can assist such companies by providing advisory counsel for their fund-raising projects. We can also act as their appointed representative to help them with various business activities including business development and marketing, government relations, investor relations, corporate advisory etc, in addition to fund raising.