A crisis can happen to any company at any point in time and usually when they least expect it. Every single company will have their crisis day, for some more than once. What is essential in any issue or crisis management situation is that the Company's consultant, if it has one, has the requisite experience to properly advise them in their time of greatest need. A lot is at stake. Years of reputation building can be destroyed in a flash, due to inappropriate and ill-conceived responses and reactions by management in a time of crisis.

Managing a crisis situation should not be merely a reactive exercise but should be proactive. However even the best laid plans and scenarios cannot replace a trial by fire. The communications  in a crisis should be level-headed to advance a company’s interests and dictate the tempo of news and events. It should also help to frame the discussion, and is also an opportune time for a company's management to demonstrate their leadership, good governance, empathy and even contrition if necessary.

It is said that a crisis will prove a company’s claims that have been made, and whether it is worth its salt. At Cogent, we seek to preserve the years of goodwill and brand identity of the company and will help the company weather the unfortunate situation or event. In the aftermath of a crisis, if handled well, a company’s reputation should bounce back and be even stronger. In short, Cogent has extensive experience to advise and help manage a company’s communications in a crisis situation, so as to work with the Company's Board of Directors and management towards the best possible outcome, given the circumstances.