Corporate communications helps to link various stakeholders to a corporate entity. This stakeholders can be both internal or external, with the aim of building relationships and ultimately generating support for various corporate objectives. In doing so, corporate communications will help to flesh out the profile of a corporate brand and minimise any discrepancies between a desired identity and its brand features.

Any corporate communication exercise will thus require the development of various communication materials or channels to present key messages clearly to the desired target audiences. Cogent ensures that all communications at the corporate level are consistent, so as to achieve coherence and credibility. This means that key messages and positions are presented in an integrated and consistent manner, be it corporate correspondence, internal communications, corporate brochures, corporate advertising, presentations, website, social media etc.

An organised and professional corporate communications function will help to delegate relevant communication tasks and help to develop effective procedures for decision making on communication matters. It allows a company to present a positive and unified face to various stakeholders, which may include the government, other organisations, the public etc, so as to help them understand the company’s mission and vision, and what it stands for as a corporate citizen.