We live in a world of brands and marketing has become all the more important to ensure business survival and continuity, whether you are a B2C or B2B company. Companies today realise the importance of reaching out to their customers and maintaining relationships in order to deliver key messages regarding their products and services and to drive sales.

However, that being said, many companies still do not even realise that their branding and marketing communications are sometimes contradictory and confuse customers. What is usually needed, is a holistic and systematic approach so that the different communication channels are professional, updated and work to reinforce each other in an integrated manner to support the overall marketing strategy.

Whether online or offline, Cogent can help a company identify the most effective ways for it to reach out to its target market. In doing so, potential and existing customers will be able to notice a company’s brand and over time, develop positive and lasting impressions of the company and its product or service, which will influence their decisions to purchase and re-purchase.

Cogent will provide clients with our understanding of the various branding and marketing options available and strategise on the best combination of tools to best deliver the marketing message and optimise marketing dollars. Cogent will thus act as the company's outsourced marketing department and take a strategic look at its branding and marketing efforts, while working with its network of trusted specialist partners to develop and deliver different types of communications in a timely manner.