Established in 2001, Cogent is a boutique consultancy with a difference. We leverage on our professional expertise, experience, and strong business networks to deliver true long term value to our clients, with an emphasis on their branding and strategic reputation management. Cogent adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to strategy development and execution, by drawing on the capabilities of our experienced team who have diverse backgrounds in corporate communications, investor relations, design, web development, sales and marketing, media management, editorial, corporate finance, financial and business analysis, government, marketing, and public relations.

We believe that over time, our clients will be able to develop meaningful relationships with their various target audiences comprising shareholders, investors, partners, customers, suppliers, staff, and the general public. In order to help them achieve this, Cogent delivers convincing, compelling and relevant communications solutions and will act as a bridge for our clients to build a relationship with their respective stakeholders. In doing so, we see ourselves as a long-term strategic partner to our clients. For it is in their success, that we see our success.